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Which Controller?

Its important to choose the right Z-wave controller. It's the heart of you're system and changing the controller afterwards is do-able but not easy.


Z-wave Controllers explained



When you want to make youre home or office smart by adding Home Automation, our Z-wave products might be the right choice. Its relatively cheap, reliable and easy to install due to the fact that all modules communicate via RF (wireless signal).
Most Z-wave systems are built up around a central controller (z-wave gateway), this is the heart of you're z-wave network. Z-wave actors and sensors will be added to this controller. The Z-wave controller is able to recieve information such as temperature or motion detection from z-wave sensors and via programmable scenes it can send commands to z-wave actors to switch on the light or close the blinds.

Z-wave gateways

Zwave base-stations are the most complete controllers you can buy. Hardware and Z-wave Software are embedded in one system. At this moment there are 3 suppliers of Z-wave basestations; Fibaro, GetVera and Zipato. They all have their own pro's and con's. See diagram below for overview.


If you want to testdrive one of our Z-wave controllers click here.


Table 1 : Differences between Z-wave base stations

Controller / SpecificationsVera EdgeZipaBoxFIBARO HC2FIBARO HCLBeNext
Processor600Mhz 1.6Ghz800Mhzarm
Memory128Mb 1Tb??
Free Apps11111
FIBARO modules11111
Qubino modules11111
Max modules232232232232100
Infra red11110
Root acces10000
Need server01001
LUA Programming11110
3rd Party apps11112

Red (0)     : Not compatible
Green (1)  : Compatible
Yellow(2)  : Unkown



Z-wave USB sticks

Z-wave USB sticks will add Z-wave functionality to you're own computer, NAS or Raspberry. It's basicly a Z-wave antenna that you connect to you system. You will have to install additional software to create a complete Z-wave system.
Use Z-wave software like Homeseer or indigo available in our Software section. Or opensource software like OpenRemote  and DomotiGa.nl




Z-wave Wall controllers

Wall controllers look like normal switches. Z-wave wall controllers work on batterys and the can sent out z-wave commands to a controller or directly to an z-wave actor (via accosiation).
These Z-wave devices have the advantage that they can be mounted on any flat surface without the need to drill holes or put electrical wiring in the wall! they can be used next to you're existing switches.



Z-wave Remotes

Z-wave remote controllers look like the your ordinary infrared-remote controllers used for the TV or stereo. Instead of sending out IR-commands they will transmit z-wave commands to start scenes. They can also be associated directly with other z-wave devices.  some of them can even sent out InfraRed signals as well.



If you still have questions after reading this article, please dont hesitate to contact us at info@robbshop.nl




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