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Smarthome controllers

Smart home automation according to Z-wave.



Z-wave home automation controllers are the center of your smart home automation system. With our wireless Z-wave solutions yout cannot only operate lights from every place in the world, you can also check weather you closed the windows, or make scenes that automaticly turn of the heating and lights when you leave your home. With our motion sensors and smart home sirenes you easily create a smart home alarm system.


A Z-wave system is easy to instal since it is based on wireless technology. Since Z-wave uses mesh (*) technology with repeaters you dont need to worry about the signal and neither you need to tare you house apart to change the wiring system. Home automation and Z-wave in particulair are a fast growing business. This means many new producers and products enter the market. With over 200 manufacturers making Z-wave products you have choosen the right platform. ROBBshop know about smarthome solutions and we certainly know a lot about Z-wave.


The layout of a Z-wave smart home system 

A wireless Z-wave smarthome system is build around 3 different components. 

1 a Z-wave controller;
   The heart of your smart home system. Actors and sensor are being controlled from here.
   In a typical Z-wave system there is  1 primaire controller , deze beheert het netwerk. U can always add a secondairy controller.

2 Z-wave Actors (modules)
   Actors will perform an action, like switching on and of lights. 

Z-wave sensors :
   Sensor will measure a value and they will pass this value trough to the controller, at certain time intervals, to save battery life.
   Think of temperature of motion. Based on this we can trigger on or more scenes.


(*) In a mesh network all mains-powered modules will act as a repeater (max. 4 hubs). The more modules you have the more stable your network will be.



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