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We are happy to inform you that ROBBshop and Intellihome are joining forces as of today.

ROBBshop.nl is the new address for all your home automation challenges.

We hope to be able to help you in the future with our knowledge of smart products.

Team ROBBshop

IP Cameras

IP-cameras | Keep control over your properties

Most IP-camera's can be added to your smarthome network. When you recieve a message from your doorbell on your phone, you can switch to camera view to see who is at the door. But they can also be used for an alarm system. In the example below you can see how an IP-camera combined with 3 doorsensors is used to monitor multiple area's. The video's are stored on a NAS, the smarthome system can sent the camera to a preset and make a picture (no video). See our demohouse page for more information or visit us and come and see for yourself.

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