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RFXcom Usb 433mhz Controller Eol

433Mhz RTS & KAKU

RFXcom Usb 433mhz Controller Eol

SKU: RFXtrx433 USB 433.92MHz Transceiver

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USB Module to use in combination with the MiCasaVerde controller by GetVera. Works very well with different products. 

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  • Condition New
  • protocol Somfy RTS 433, 433Mhz
  • Power USB AC/DC adapter / 4 x AA batterijen
  • Installationskills 3 DIY product

Product information

USB Expansion Module 433.92Mhz Transceiver ( RFXCOMM )

With the RFXtrx433 USB transceiver you can control 433MHz-based devices from your from a zwave controller such as the Vera3 or Vera Lite or from youre pc. Countless devices use the 433.92MHz frequency range; the RFXrtx433 enables you to control them all.

By using the RFXtrx433 transceiver you can easily control 433.92MHz devices, using controllers and application software that were designed for other technologies such as Z-Wave.

The RFXrtx433 interfaces with a wide range of software applications, including HomeAutom8, Homeseer, Indigo, Xtension, and hardware controllers such as the Micasaverde as the Vera3 or Vera Lite z-wave controllers.

MiCasaVerde VERA users : 

This module allows to use the RFXcom and supported by RFXcom products ( DONT use the plugin, it can be downloaded from the Vera itself ! ) 

FIBARO Home Center 2 users : 

Home Center 2 is not equipped with a plugin for the RFXcom at the moment. This is currently being worked on and when it becomes available will be the download instruction is. 


Specifications RFXtrx433 USB 433.92MHz Transceiver

send and receive function
Standard USB interface (works with Linux , Mac OS , Windows )
CE and RoHS certified 
Supported most sensors , transmitters and receivers ( see list below)
Supported by most home automation software ( see list below) 
Need < / li > a separate internet connection
Free Software Development Kit with VB.NET sample available on request
Easy integration with its own application by geruik a simple protocol
Firmware updates in flash memory


  • Low priced
  • Receive + transmit function,
  • Standard USB interface (works on Linux, Mac OS, Windows)
  • CE certified and RoHS
  • Developed and produced in The Netherlands
  • Supports the largest range of sensors and actors possible (see the list below)
  • Supported by a large number of Home Automation software products (see the list below)
  • Does not rely on remote Internet servers holding private secure data
  • Free Software Development Kit with VB.NET example available on request
  • Easy integration in any application due to a simple protocol
  • Firmware updates in flash memory


Supported by these software and systems:

  • Domoticz
  • DomotiGa
  • Domogik
  • Ed-win
  • EventGhost
  • FHEM
  • HomeAutom8
  • Homeseer HS2 and HS3
  • HomiDom
  • HouseAgent
  • Indigo
  • MeteoHub
  • OpenHAB
  • Open Source Automation
  • Beyond Measure
  • Digital Home Server
  • Heyu
  • Mydombox.com
  • VERA



List of supported Home Automation sensors and actors:

  • Alecto SA30, WS1200
  • ATI Remote Wonder
  • ATI Remote Wonder II
  • A-OK, Ematronic blind motor
  • Blyss
  • BOFU blind motor
  • Brennenstuhl
  • ByeByeStandBy
  • Chacon (including EMW200)
  • Clas Ohlson weather sensors
  • COCO
  • Conrad RSL2
  • DI.O
  • Digimax
  • DomiaLite
  • Düwi
  • dx.com RGB LED controllers
  • ebode
  • ELRO AB400, AB600
  • Energenie
  • Harrison curtain
  • Hasta blind motor
  • HomeEasy  HE105
  • HomeEasy
  • HomeEasy EU
  • Ikea Koppla
  • Impuls
  • Intertechno
  • KD101 - Chacon, NEXA, Flamingo smoke detector
  • KlikAanKlikUit
  • La Crosse weather sensors
  • LightwaveRF, Siemens
  • Livolo touch modules
  • Maverick ET732
  • MDremote LED dimmer
  • MediaMount projector screen
  • Mertik Maxitrol
  • NEXA
  • Oregon weather sensors
  • THR128,THC138, THR138,THGN122N, THGR122NX, THGN123N, RGR126, UVN128, UVR128, THGN132N, THGN132ES, UV138, THGR228N, THGRN228NX, THGR238, THGR268, RTGN318, RTHN318, RTGR328N, THGR328N, RTGR368N, THGN500, RGR682, THGR918, BTHR918, BTHR918N, RGR918, STR918, WGR918, RGR928, STR928, THGR928, WGR928, BTHR968,EW109, PCR800, UVN800, WGR800, WTGR800, TGHN800, TGHN801, THGR810
  • Oregon Body weight scale BWR101/BWR102/GR101
  • OWL CM113, cent-a-meter, Electrisave
  • OWL CM119 / CM160 / CM180 / CM180i
  • PC Remote
  • Phenix
  • Proove
  • RAEX blind motor
  • Revolt
  • RFXMeter
  • RFXSensor
  • RisingSun
  • Rollertrol blind motor
  • RTS10 / RFS10 / TLX1206
  • Rubicson stektermometer
  • Sartano
  • TFA weather sensors
  • Viking weather sensors
  • Visonic PowerCode
  • Waveman
  • X10 lighting, X10 security
  • X10 Ninja/Robocam
  • Xdom
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RFXcom Usb 433mhz Controller Eol


RFXcom Usb 433mhz Controller Eol

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