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Remote Control Take6 Ir-Rf X10 Eol


Remote Control Take6 Ir-Rf X10 Eol

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Do you want to control 10 different A / V devices, including TV, DVD, VCR or even X10? This Take 10 IR / RF remote control from Ebode can do it all! Now for a very competitive price in the ROBBshop, and pay attention: GONE = GONE ...

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  • EAN 8717399101936
  • Condition New
  • protocol X10
  • Power Batterij

Product information

 Take6 | Remote Control IR/RF X10 Ebode


Universal remote control for 6 A / V devices including ebode (and X10) Home Automation.
Works guaranteed with all current and yet to be purchased equipment (pre-programmed and learning function).
Including handy home theater 'Macro' function; at the touch of a button, all the equipment switches to a favorite mode.
A source selection LED indicates which device you are operating.
With one of the optional ebode 'IR Link' receivers you can control all your equipment anywhere in the house, even through walls and ceilings.
A transceiver module (optionally available, eg ebode RPT module or X10 TM13 module, etc) even gives the possibility to control the lighting and other electrical appliances.

With the ebodeTAKE 6 IR / RF remote control you can control up to 6 devices: TV, DVR (video recorder), DVD, STB, AUDIO, or an additional device under the AUX button.

The remote control contains a large number of pre-programmed codes. These codes are suitable for almost all devices that are currently available and must be programmed once before commissioning.

This can be done in various ways:

  • manually enter one of the codes in the supplied code book with the relevant brand and type of device
  • so-called autosearch for some common brands
  • autosearch for all brands
  • manually step through all codes

ebode IR Link

The IR Link (optionally available) makes it possible to operate all your audio and video equipment with the ebode TAKE 6 anywhere in the house. The ebode TAKE 6 sends an RF signal to the IR link receiver which then converts it into an IR signal that is sent to your equipment.Enkele voorbeelden voor toepassing van IR Link:

  • Operate the DVD and satellite receiver from the bedroom without having to lay additional cables.
  • Turn up your radio in the living room while you are in the kitchen.
  • Control your audio / video equipment while it is hidden in a cabinet, the RF signal goes through walls, ceilings and cabinet doors.

Simply connect the receiver to a power outlet and place it in sight of your equipment: convenience is provided by man.

X10 House Automation

The ebode Take 6 remote control has two transmitters: an infrared (IR) transmitter and a radio frequency transmitter. This gives you the opportunity to control practically everything that is electric. With the infrared (IR) technology you control your TV, blu-ray, ...

The X10 Radio Frequency (RF) technology makes it possible to operate lights and devices remotely anywhere in the house.

Here are countless applications imaginable when using the X10 technology in your remote control. Only eg. of the X10 Home Control:

  • Switch lighting on or off and dim while watching TV.
  • Switch the coffee maker on from your bedroom when you wake up.
  • Turn on your lights at night to deter intruders when you hear noises.
  • Switch off everything when you go to bed at the touch of a button.

In order to control your lighting and appliances, besides the Take 6 you also need X10 Home Control Modules, which you plug into the power socket. No hassle with extra cabling: extra wiring is not necessary because the connected equipment is operated via your Take 6 (with RF signals). Use an optional X10 transreceiver module (eg ebode RPT or X10 TM13 module) and connect your table lamp or other electrical device to it. Switching on / off: the operation is via the Take 6. The transceiver module converts the RF signals from the Take 6 into an X10 signal that is distributed via your existing mains. All other X10 modules that are connected to the mains are also operated via the Take 6.

The Take 6 send following Home Automation RF commands: On, Off, Dim, Bright, All units off, All lights on.

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Remote Control Take6 Ir-Rf X10 Eol

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