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RFXCOMM | Control all your COCO and SOmfy RTS motors via your smarthphone

The Dutch based company RFXCOM makes the popular module RFXtrx433e, the popular USB-stick to control a variety of smart home products. This module allows you to control a 433Mhz modules via a PC or Vera controller.

RFXCOM focuses on the communication between the computer, remote control, signaling or smartphone and the device to operate. With the RFXCOM USB controller you are assured of a highly reliable wireless communication system.

On what platforms will the RFXCOM work?


compatible software:
http://www.domoticz.com/ on a RaspberryPI (Linux), Synology NAS (Linux) of Windows. Windows installation is the most easy
http://www.homeseer.com/ with the RFXCOM plug-in on a Windows systeem. 
http://www.indigodomo.com/ on a Mac system
https://www.domotiga.nl/ on the Linux platform

More info to be found on the RFXCOM website (list)


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