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GetVera UK

GetVera Z-wave producten

GetVera (Micasaverde)


GetVera (formerly known as MiCasaVerde) is the creator of the popular Edge Vera and Vera Plus Z-wave controllers (the successors of the Vera and Vera Lite 3), De Vera Edge has a favorable price/quality ratio and is one of the first equipped with a Z- plus wave chip. The major competitors of GetVera are Polish FIBARO with their HCL / HC2 and the Croatian Zipato with the Zipabox and ZipaTile. Where GetVera opted for a more android-like approach (open system, many 3rd party apps, and a large user community) FIBARO has opted for a more Apple-like model (Closed system, high end technology). Zipato chosen a system much more than Z-Wave can control.k

One controller is not better than another, it is more a matter of personal preference, and ultimately of finances. The Z-Wave controller by FIBARO is significantly more expensive than the getVera (MiCasaVerde) versions.



Vera Plus

The latest controller by GetVera. Slightly bigger than the Edge, but is suppors more protocols as well. Z-wave, bluetooth, Zigbee and WiFi are standard with this controller.

Vera Plus Z-wave controller






Vera Edge

Succesor of the Vera 3. Now with faster processor, more memory and Z-wave plus chip. 

Vera Edge controller





Vera lite (end-of-life)

The vera Lite ( also called the little brother of the Vera 3 ) is a Z- Wave controller that has the same power as the Vera 3. If you do not need a wireless LAN and two USB ports, maybe this is better good choice when you want to start automating your home. Smart living is modern and with this small controller retrieve a wide range of opportunities at home . Think of all the lights off automatically when you leave the house , or automatically turn the fan higher than the vochtprecentage increases in the shower. You can arrange all this simply by Vera lite . You can connect up to 70 modules.


Vera Lite controller


Vera 3 (end-of-life)

The bigger brother of the Vera lite . Equipped with two USB ports, a WiFi antenna and a router function with four network ports . Obviously, this controller can do everything the Vera lite can . With a power consumption of approximately 5 watt energy thid is a efficient controller with many possibilities.



Vera 3 controller



Some videos :

Installievideo GetVera


Setup van de Z-wave controller


User Interface 5 


Bediening van de Vera via uw smartphone (UI5)






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