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FIBARO Z-wave productenFibaro | Quality Smarthome products from Poland

Polish Z-wave manufacterer FIBARO is marketleader in Z-wave home automation. They make the smallest Z-wave insert modules and according to our customers they make the best Z-wave controllers: The FIBARO Home Center 2 and the FIBARO Home Center Lite. All there products are high qaulity and well thought about. For example their 1x3kW insert module/ 2x1,5 insert module are Z-wave relais switches and therefore they work with all voltages ranging from 0-230 volt, AC and DC. Via the Z-wave controller lots of parameters can be altered. But they sell more than just insert modules and Z-wave controllers. They sell nice Door/Window sensors as well which can be used as Z-wave temperature sensors or external Z-wave push buttons. Their famous Z-wave wallplug is beautifull. 
FIBARO also has a productline based on HomeKit technology.

With the Z-wave binairy sensor your able to turn every normal switch into a Z-wave switch. Last but not least; Their Z-wave floodsensor and the Z-wave smokesensor protects you're house from havoc.

Installation of the FIBARO system
The grafical block scene editor
Introduction into LUA programming
Overview FIBARO LUA functions
FIBARO Tips and Tricks-
FIBARO downloads

FIBARO Home Center 2 : State-of-the-art Z-wave controller

The FIBARO Home Center 2: The flagship of FIBARO with super fast chip and beautiful design. This Z-Wave controller does not have to stored the in cupboard.
With home automation based on the Z-Wave wireless protocol you quickly start building you wireless home automation system. Automatically open and close the curtains, the lights on and off even when you are not home, it's all possible.

Specifications FIBARO Home Center 2

- Fast energy-efficient processor (1.6GHz);
- Stylish aluminum casing;
- Detailed programming scene programming using graphic blocks or via LUA-;
- More than 230 Z-Wave modules controlled via the Z-Wave protocol.
- Full integration with the Satel Alarm System
- Integration of other smart devices including the Nest thermostat, lighting, Philips HUE and Sonos music system.


Z-wave gateway FIBARO Home Center 2





FIBARO Home Lite  : The smallest Z-wave controller with good specs

Home Centers 2 little brother, still with tons of options and the same beautifull interface, just no LUA-programming.
The same beautiful interface, a energziezuinige A8 720MHz processor with an attractive pricing.

The main differences with his big brother Home Center 2 are the following:
- Powerful 720MHz processor.
- Plastic instead of aluminum housing.
- Great performance in a small size (only 93x93x33 mm).
- No possibility of LUA programming, create scenes using graphic blocks.
- No integration with the Satel alarm system.
- For an overview of the differences between the HCL and the HC2 click here.


HCL home center Lite

FIBARO z-wave inbouwmodule






FIBARO Z-wave insert modules

One of the Smallest Z-wave modules on the market. They come in different models, each with their own characteristics.

Type FIBARO moduleArt.nr.Properties















Dimmer for all (led)lights;
Z-wave plus chip;
Application : 
Dimmable (led)lights but also ventilators;
-Multifunction for scene activation.
- Works also without the Neutral wire (2-wire)
- Can work with 'old' bistable switches.
-Connect a 2nd switch and control another dimmer wiresly
Disadvantages :
-At low Watts you might need a dimmer bypass.

Alternative : Qubino dimmer.

Double Switch
















Control 2 devices for the price of 1;
Works only with 230V devices
Z-wave plus chip;
Where 2 devices can be connected to 1 Z-wave module.
Advantages : 
Powermetering and suitable for big enery using devices
-Only 1 switch
-Cannot be used as relaysswitch.
-No multifunction scene control.

Alternative : Qubino double switch.

Single Switch
















Control 1 device of max 2500Watt;
Works only with 230V devices
 Z-wave plus chip;
Behind a wall outlet for example.
Advantages : 
Powermetering and 2 Z-wave switches for the price of 1.
-Max 1500Watt per channel.
-Cannot be used as relaysswitch.
- No multifunction scene control.

Alternative : Qubino double switch.


 Relay Switch 2x1,5kW














Control 2 devices for the price of 1
Works also with alternative current like 12V DC or potential free
As a remote Z-wave switch, see our garagedoor project
Advantages : 
2 switches with relais function for the price of 1 Z-wave module
-No powermetering
-No Z-wave plus
-No multifunction scene control.

Alternative : None

 Relay Switch 1x2,5kW














Control 1 powerconsuming device like a heater.
Works also with alternative current like 12V DC or potential free
As a remote Z-wave switch, see our garagedoor project
Advantages : 
Switch with relais function for for alternative currents
-No powermetering
-No Z-wave plus
-No multifunction scene control.

Alternative :  Qubino 1D relais switch

 RGBW controller










Used for 12V and 24V ledstrips;
With a LEDstrip to add colour to your home;
As 0-10 Volt input for all kinds of sensor;
- Multifuntional device
- None

 Roller shutter V2










For controlling shutters, screens, blinds and doorgates. 
Direct controll of 230 shuttermotors;
Works both with rollershutter pushbuttons and single pushbuttons 
Disadvantages :
Not suitable for DC rollershutter motors. Use the Qubino module.

Alternative : Qubino rollershuttermodule

 We have the same overview for our collection of Qubino modules.





FIBARO Z-wave Window and Doorsensors

Well designed Z-wave door and window sensor with option for Z-wave temperature sensor and analog input. Also usable as Z-wave pushbutton!

FIBARO raam en deur sensor





FIBARO Z-wave universal sensor

A great masterpiece in a small package. Connect the old world to the new world via this Z-wave device. Enable any switch with z-wave functionality. See our projectspage for more information and appliances.


FIBARO Z-wave Wallplug

A true masterpiece, The smallest and best designed Z-wave wallplug available. With lots of options. Usable as z-wave bedlight for the little ones, or as z-wave network tester.

FIBARO tussenstekker





FIBARO Z-wave RGBW controller

This RGBW controller can controll almost any RGB(W) Ledstrip from the z-wave controll center. Whether u use the Home Center 2 or the Home Center Lite or even a Vera 3 or Vera lite, its all possible! 

FIBARO z-wave rgbw controller





FIBARO Z-wave Floodsensor

Fibaro's solution to floodprotection with build in sirene.

FIBARO z-wave water sensor





FIBARO Z-wave smoke sensor

As beautifull as the floodsensor, the Z-wave smokesensor by fibaro.





FIBARO Z-wave motionsensor

The FIBARO z-wave motionsensor is a 4 in 1 motionsensor which has a built-in motion-, temperature, light, and schoksensor built in.





FIBARO 'Button'

Item code FGMS-001 (multiple EAN 5905279987241)

The FIBARO button is not only a Z-wave panic button but a scene controller as well. With its 7 different colors a nice addition to the FIBARO system.


FIBARO the button
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