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Fitting z-wave modules

Does a Z-wave module always fits?


Yes, in 99 percent of the cases there is enough space behind the switch in the junction box. Most patress boxes are 50 mm deep, and the switch is only 30mm deep. Because a Z-wave module is around 15mm high it will fit in the 20mm space behind the switch. We do advice the use of small connector for junction boxes (wago)


                                                                                                         Voorbeeld van kleine lasdozen 
kleine lasdozen tbv inbouw z-wave modules

Veel kleiner dan 'normale' lasdozen


Dont forget that most Z-wave modules need a blue wire in the junction box (3-wire system). For more information click here. The last thing we think is important to know is that the best switch for a smart home module is a momentary button (pushbutton). With this kind of button you get extra functionality, like dimming when keeping the button pressed, and starting scenes when doing double and tripple pushes. Usualy you can change only the inside of the switch, in other words you can still use the frame and the paddle. ROBBshop sells momentary buttons of different makes.

 When you run into inclusion problems after installing the modules please read here for more information.


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