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Home Center 2 Black FIBARO

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Home Center 2 Black FIBARO


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Fibaro's Home Center 2 is the brain of FIBARO's Z-wave smart home system.
This gateway has the best specifications and the fastest processor of all Z-wave controllers available. 
Did you know that you can try this home center 2 before you buy it? Ask us for details and login to our demo Home Center 2.

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  • Nice fast interface in Dutch
  • Good integration with FIBARO modules
  • Firmware upgrade module possible
  • Many plugins available
  • Integration with SATEL alarm system


  • No better hardware than the silver version
  • No somfy link
  • No zigbee chip
  • No 433Mhz chip
  • No Z-wave plus chip
  • Reasonably closed platform


CPU1,6Ghz Intel Atom
Memory1GB RAM
Storage2GB SLC Hard Drive + 4GB MLC Recovery Disc
InstallationskillsSome work
Compatible with HomeKitUnknown
Compatible with AlexaYes
Compatible met IFTTTYes
Compatible with HomeyUnknown
Compatible with Google HomeYes
Compatible with ZipatileUnknown
Compatible with BeNextUnknown
Compatible with HomeseerUnknown
Compatible with HC LiteUnknown
Compatible with TahomaUnknown
Compatible with HC2Unknown
Compatible with DomoticzUnknown
Compatible met ZipaboxUnknown
Compatible with Vera Lite/3/EdgeUnknown

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Still one of the be best controllers on the market. The one to choose if you want to spend the money and don't need to control 433Mhz and Smartmeter readouts. Frequently firmware updates and the option to wirelessly update FIBARO modules.


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Product information

FIBARO Home Center 2 | The ultimate smarthome controller


 FIBARO Home Center 2 Black Edition:

 What is it? - a 'router' that connects to your network so you can control lights and appliances via scenes and smartphone
 What can you do with it?

 - Control Z-wave devices via  Smartphone/ Tablet
 - Remotely check sensors (door/close, roomtemp)
 - Automatic control of appliances. All lights of at 02.00 for example.
 - Control other smart devices in your house via API connection

 What else you need?


 - 1 or more Z-wave modules (switches and/or sensors)
 - A tiny bit of computer knowledge 
 - To make scenes you don't need programming skills
 - Computer and smartphone

 Difficulty (1-5) -  2/5 
Installation tips - Think about what you want to automate (All ligths off at 2.00)
 - Its also the perfect alarm system
 - Here you find all the information about the FIBARO system


The FIBARO Home Center 2, FIBARO Lite's big brother, is the brain of the FIBARO domotica system. Incorporates perfect with FIBARO's own z-wave modules, but will also work with z-wave modules from different manufacterors like Everspring, Z-wave.me and Danfoss. Home Center 2 has GPS integration which means the system knows when you are about to come home. It will prepare you're house by switching on the lights and turn up the Z-wave heating system.
Click here for a review.


Aluminium Housing

Emphasis on styling and quality, the Home Center 2 is a feast for the eyes . A real eye-catcher that you do not tucked away in the cupboard, but display as showpiece in your living room . The Home Center 2 sulfur controller is made of solid aluminum . The interior is just as beautiful as the outside.

Fast Intel Atom 1.6Ghz Processor The fast processor provides great ease of use and flawless operation of the Z-wave system. Competitive domotics base stations must do it with significantly less computing power. In practice, people tend to send more (non) Z-wave devices like the Nest. The fast processor allows this controller to bend with ease.

4GB MLC Backup Disk The Home Center 2 has its own "recovery disk" that keeps the backup of every unique Z-wave gateway. This also protects any system for unauthorized access.The system recovery allows you to restore a backup.

1GB RAM memory and 2GB SLC Hard Drive A large memory of 1Gb memory combined with the 1.6 Ghz processor ensures a pleasant, quick user experience. This is very nice when adding many scenes and devices.


Installation of the FIBARO Home Center 2

Connect the cables according to the installation manual
After approximately 2 minutes the Home Center 2 Z-wave gateway will be ready and booted. It will recieve a IP-adres from the DHCP server in you're network. We advise you to give the unit a fixed IP-adres based on the MAC-adres of the HC2.



“linked devices”

The Home Center 2 provides the option to create so called 'linked devices'. Different z-wave modules van be turned into 1 virtual device. For example 3 thermostats and humidity sensor can be combined into 1 virtual device, making it more easy to operate. And it will also clean up youre interface.


'Device panels'

The Home Center 2 interface will give you control over groups of modules with the same functionality. Heating, Airconditioning, Garden rinse systems, thanks to  “device panels” you can very easily make timer programs.


This video shows you how to make a scene based on fibaro's grafical blocks, for actual LUA coding click  here (dutch)


The e-learning platform by FIBARO is a usefull resource for information.

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Home Center 2 Black FIBARO

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From 594.99

for 549.00

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