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Insert Switch 2*1,5 Kw Eol


Insert Switch 2*1,5 Kw Eol


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The FIBARO Insert Switch allows controlling two independent loads both via Z-Wave wirelessly and locally utilizing a traditional wall switch. The maximum load per switch is 1500W.

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  • EAN 5902020528043
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 15x42x38
  • Condition New
  • Version Build-in
  • protocol Z-wave
  • Number of switches 2
  • Maximum Watt 1500
  • IP klasse IP20
  • Relaisfunction Yes
  • Installationskills 3 DIY product

dit slimme product werkt samen met

Product information

FIBARO Home Center Lite  : Yes  (with parameter explanations)
FIBARO Home Center 2      : Yes (with parameter explanations*)
Vera Lite                           : Yes 
Vera 3                               : Yes 
Zipabox                             Yes

FIBARO controller with FIBARO Modules ensure a very good user experience. Every parameter is explained in detail in te module settings with the FIBARO controlllers. 


De FIBARO 2x1,5KW (FIB_FGS-221) zwave insert module (z-wave relay switch) is a double z-wave switch. U actualy get  2 zwave modules for the price of a single switch!. Use this module with a double switch (see picture).


Hint : We advise you to use als pushbutton and not an on/of switch. 


This module has 2 independant z-wave insert switches in 1 module that both can be controlled via a (double) local switch and via a smartphone/tablet/pc and a Z-wave controller. The module will be placed in the wall box (3 wire system), behind the excisting switch which will be connected to the module and will act as an input. This means that the actual switch is no longer direct connected to the load, but to this Z-wave insert module. We advise a pulsswitch due to the fact that an on/of switch will change switch direction when remotely turn on or of the lights. The module needs 15 mm of space.


This module is designed for a 3-wire system, which means it needs a blue neutral wire in de wallbox.



This Z-wave module works as a relais. The fact that the module itself needs 220 V to work (actualy it works with >48V) doenst mean that the attached load also has to work on the same voltage. Since this is a relais, it has a seperate input for alternativ power. This means you can use it as a potentialfree contact.



Z-wave insert module by FIBARO are very small and well thought through. See below for some examples

Z-wave drainage system for rinsing the garden :)

Another classic example is our z-wave garagedoor. By connecting the module parallel over the pushbutton we can create a zwave garagedoor. 





Parameter Settings :

This is a video about how to set the settings of the FIBARO switches in a Vera 3 or Vera lite:

FIBARO modules are provided with tons of options:

Parameter Settings:

Parameter no. 1 - Activatere / deactivatere all functions ALL ON / ALL OFF. Standaard 255

Options for parameter 1  255, 0, 1, 2
available configuration parameters:
255 - ALLES ON active, ALLES OFF active
0 - AL ON not active, ALL OFF is niet active
1 - ALL ON not active, ALL OFF active
2 - ALL ON active,  ALL OFF  not active 


Parameter no. 3 - Automatic switch off after period

Standard value 0
available configuration parameters:
0 - Auto OFF enabled 1 - Auto OFF disabled.

Parameter no. 4 - Time before switch automaticly switches off.

Standard value 20 (200 ms)
available configuration parameters:
[1- 255] (10ms – 2,5s) Time to pass before module is switched off


Parameter no. 6 - Separation of association sending for group no. 1 (key no. 1)

Standard value 0
available configuration parameters:
0 -Switching on and off sent the same information to associated z-wave devices in group 1.
1 -Switching off sent and off command to associated z-wave devices in group 1. Switching on doesnt sent acommand to associated z-wave devices in group 1. 
    a double click will sent the on command to the associated devices (dimmer will go to their last value). 
2 -Switching off sent and off command to associated z-wave devices in group 1. Switching on doesnt sent acommand to associated z-wave devices in group 1. 
    a double click will sent the on command to the associated devices (dimmer will go 100%).

Note : for correct functioning of parameter no.6 dient: Set parameter 15 to 1 

Parameter no. 13 - This function allows user to change [on / off] bi-stable keys (parameter no. 14)

Standard value 0
Available parameters
0 [On / Off] changes key status.
1 ON is active after closing switch contacts. Off is active after opening switch contacts. 

Parameter no. 14 -Switch type : Monostabile (puls) or Bi-stabile (On/OFF)

standard value 1
Available configuration parameters
0 - mono-stabile switch (pulsbutton)
1 - bi-stabiele switch (on/of)

We prefer a mono-stabile switch. The siwtch will always acts in the same way (whereas a on/of might change on-position. 

Parameter no. 15 - controlling a Dimmer and rollershuttermodule. 

Standard value 0
Activating this option alows the user to dim the lights/ control the blinds by keeping pressed the button (only for monostabile pushbuttons)

Available configuration parameters:
0 - Dimmer/rollershutter switch control not active
1 - Dimmer/rollershutter switch control active


Parameter no. 16 - Saving dimmerstatut by powercut

The FIBARO insert Switch returns to the position before power downl.
default Value : 1 

Available parameter settings:
0 - FIBARO Switch doenst save the actual status and returns to off position after power down
1 - FIBARO Switch save the last positin in case off power down


Possible configuration parameters [30-33]

0 - DEACTIVATE             - De module wont respond on alarm data frames
1 - ALARM RELAY ON    - De module turns on after alarmdetection
2 - ALARM RELAY OFF  - De module switches off after alarmdetection
3 - ALARM ON/OFF        - De module switches on and off for 10 minutes

Parameter no. 30 - General Alarm, Set for switch no.1

Standard value  3[byte] ALARM FLASHING

Parameter no. 31 - Flood alarm, Set for switch no.1

default value 2[byte] ALARM RELAY OFF

Parameter no. 32 - SMOKE, CO, CO2 Alarm. set for switch  no. 1

default value 3[byte] ALARM KNIPPEREN

Parameter no. 33 - Temperature Alarm, set for switch no. 1

default value 1[byte] ALARM SWITCH ON

Parameter no. 39 - Active alarm time

default value 600
Available parameter settings: [1-65535][ms] 


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Insert Switch 2*1,5 Kw Eol


Insert Switch 2*1,5 Kw Eol

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From 59.94

for 52.50

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