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Fibaro Home Center 2 / Lite reset

Resetting Home Center 2 / Home Center Lite.


When you encounter problems with your Fibaro Home Center 2 or Fibaro Home Center Lite, you can follow our step by step reset procedure (factory-reset).

 1. If possible always create a backup first. (good practise to do this regularly)
 2. Turn your Home Center off and connect it directly to your computer via a Network cable (so not to your router, but directly to your Computer).
 3. Now go to your computers Network Configurtion and set your connection as displayed (Manual IP). It might be needed to disconnect your WiFi

Fibaro Home Center 2 / Lite reset 4. Now start your Home Center with the + button depressed.
     HC2 -> The blue leds now go left->right (normally reversed)
     HCL -> Leds go right left right.
 5. Wait for the + and power on lights to be on. 
 6. Again press the + button for aprox 3 seconds, This will result in the LAN light to first blink and then remain on.
 7. On your computer you can now browse to (Preference with Google Chrome or Firefox)
 8. You will now see the recovery menu of your Home Center including a Factory reset.
 9. After completion login to the controller (still connected directly and set it for DHCP network. After clicking save put the controller back on your router.
10. Now you can upgrade again to the latest firmware.
11. And after these updates you can recover your backup.
12. The reset of your HC2 /HCL is now completed. It is possible that some modules need to be reset. Click here for exclusion instructions.

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