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Dimmer Insert 500w Eol


Dimmer Insert 500w Eol


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Wireless Z-wave dimmer module designed to work with any light source, including LED lights.

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  • EAN 5902020528029
  • Condition New
  • protocol Z-wave
  • Version Build-in
  • Number of switches 1
  • Dimmable Yes
  • Maximum Watt 500
  • IP klasse IP20
  • Installationskills 3 DIY product

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Product information

FIBARO Home Center Lite  : Yes  (with parameter explanations)
FIBARO Home Center 2      : Yes (with parameter explanations*)
Vera Lite                           : Yes 
Vera 3                               : Yes 
Zipabox                             Yes

FIBARO controller with FIBARO Modules ensure a very good user experience. Every parameter is explained in detail in te module settings with the FIBARO controlllers. 


FIBARO FGD -211 Z -Wave lamp dimmer works with most types of light sources . The Z-Wave dimmer can be connected to 2 -wire or 3 - wire system ( 1 ) . The dimmer can be the connected source switching and dimming , either through a Z-Wave controller or directly via the connected ( pulse ) wall switch . The dimmer automatically recognizes the connected device has an automatic overload protection , shutdown and soft start function . In the case of an old type of fluorescent light or older types of transformers , only the on / off function , it should then be set up through your  Z-Wave gateway by some parameters.

You can also use a normal switch ( bistable switch) , only you can not use the dimmer on the switch (only through the app or through your browser ) . A pulse switch does have the ability to switch and dim . 

Parameters Setting :
Through the z wave controll center , you can set some parameters on the dimmer module . Two commonly used parameters :

parameter 14 

through your z -wave controller module on mono - or bi - stable set ( default 0 = pulse switch) .

parameter 20

This parameter is used to set the phase cut ( a value of 130/135/137 usually gives good values ) . Refer to the manual for further explanation . 

The manual contains all the parameters described. 


  • If a dimmer for halogen 230V , 12V halogen lamps , dimmable LED bulbs
  • Using Bypass FGB001.
  • Module works as a switch to compact fluorescent lighting , LED bulbs , old type fluorescent lamps.
  • Power 230V + / -10 % , 50 Hz,
  • Output 25 - 500W ( resistive load ) in the case of loads other than resistive , 1.8A max,
  • Meets UE requlations : EN55022 ( radio frequency interference) , EN61000 -6 ( safety of use ),
  • Surge Protection : 2.5 A,
  • Overheating protection : safety off at 105C,
  • Ambient temperature: -10 ° C - 40 ° C,
  • Needs to be mounted in standard wall mounting box ≥ 50 mm that you continue to use your existing switchgear (you can NOT continue to use your current dimmer preferably replaced by a pulse switch )
  • Radio protocol : Z -Wave , Radio Frequency 868 MHz.
  • Antenna Range: Up to 50 meters open range , or within 30 meters (depending on building).
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 42mm x 36mm x 15mm.

    Z - Wave LED Light Dimmer Test 

    We have tested a few LED-bulbs from the Philips Masterled serie. We also have tested Aldi led lights (Lightwell 3xGU10/230V dimbaar) those work pretty good.


    (1)  2 wire system vs 3 wire system.

    A 2 wire system doesnt need a neutral wire in the patress box, whereas a 3-wire system does need a blue wire (to power the module itself). A z-wave switch normaly needs a 3-wire setup, wereas a z-wave dimmer doenst need a blue wire, and therefore a dimmer is a 2-wire system.

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Dimmer Insert 500w Eol


Dimmer Insert 500w Eol

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