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FIBARO Rollershutter V2 Eol


FIBARO Rollershutter V2 Eol


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This module is replaced by the new Rollershutter V3 module.
Rollershutter module for 230V shuttermotors. It's placed behind the excisting switch, that keeps working. What you get is option to remotely controll you blinds from you iphone of from wihtin a scene. Its only 20mm thick so it fits in a 50mm deep patress box. The Qubino version is 3mm slimmer.
When you have a 12 or 24V motor you should use this module.

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  • Scene mogelijkheid mbv 2/3 klikken
  • 1 knops bediening mogelijk
  • Werkt ook met 3-standen schakelaar
  • Stroommeting


  • 3 mm dikker dan de Qubino module
  • Geen Z-wave plus
  • Niet geschikt voor gelijkstroom motoren

Our expert advises

Met deze slimme rolluikmodule kun je zowel via een bestaande schakelaar als automatisch je rolluik bedienen. Je kunt je huidige schakelaar blijven gebruiken, of je koopt een dubbele pulsdrukker die terugveert. Je kunt zelfs een enkele pulsdrukker gebruiken. Mbv een Z-wave basisstation kun je scenes maken of hem via je smartphone bedienen.


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  • EAN 5902020528340
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 42.5x38.25x20.3
  • Condition New
  • protocol Z-wave
  • Number of switches 1
  • Type Rollershutter motor Wisselstroom 230V
  • Maximum Watt 200
  • IP klasse IP20
  • Installationskills 3 DIY product
  • Toelichting Homeseer 3 kan alleen aan/uit

dit slimme product werkt samen met

Product information

FIBARO Rollershuttermodule V2

Z-wave module with powermetering

With this smart shuttermodule you add smarthome functionality to you curtain or blinds. The switch will still work as well. Maybe you should use a special momentary switch.
Its even possible to use a single button, like the one you have in your garagedoor. After including the module in your smarthome controller you can use your smartphone or tablet to controll it, Even away from home. Even more fun is to use it in scenes so it will happen automaticly. The module is only 2mm thick and should fit behind the switch when the patress box is about 50mm deep. It will be connected to a blue, brown and black wire.

When you use the module in combination with windows that can open, than you might want to use a scene and an door/window sensor to check weather its open to precent a crasch. We have put some code at the end of this page.

 Our Hé Youp video where youp tells us about the ins en outs of the FIBARO rollershuttermodule


 Its even possible to controll venetian blinds with this module.

Another nice feature is the scene activation option
By a double or tripple click you can tell the smarthome controllerto activate a scene. For example. A single press will close the curtain and a double click wil turn of all the lights in the house.


When using the rollershutter, you want to be sure to have the windows closed. To check this and to automaticly open the window again when the window is open, you can use the following scene (you need to adjust the ID's for you're own devices).

%% properties
21 value    -- This is the ID of the Rollershutter
%% globals
local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger();
if (
( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(117, "value")) > 0 )      -- 117 is the ID of the door/window sensor
startSource["type"] == "other"
fibaro:call(21, "open");      -- When the door/window sensor is activated then the window will abort closing and open immediatly

Unfortunatly it only works when using the app and not the local button. 
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FIBARO Rollershutter V2 Eol


FIBARO Rollershutter V2 Eol

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