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Smart Dimmer 2 250W Z-Wave Plus FIBARO Demo

Z-wave Plus


Smart Dimmer 2 250W Z-Wave Plus FIBARO Demo


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FIBARO Z-wave plus dimmer insert module designed to work with any light source, including LED lights. Maximum load is 250W.
When the lights dont turn off completely, please connect the N-wire or use a Dimmer bypass 2.

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  • Werkt ook zonder blauwe draad
  • Werkt met ieder type schakelaar
  • Ook geschikt voor LED lampen
  • Scene starten via dubbelklik


  • Dimmer bypass nodig bij laag wattage

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Dimmer met veel mogelijkheden. De integratie met de FIBARO controllers is natuurlijk erg mooi, maar ook in andere controllers wordt deze dimmer prima ondersteund. De best verkochte dimmer.


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  • EAN 5902020528524
  • Condition Used
  • protocol Z-wave Plus
  • Version Build-in
  • Number of switches 1
  • Dimmable Yes
  • IP klasse IP20
  • Installationskills Some work

dit slimme product werkt samen met

    Product information

    FIBARO Dimmer 2


    FIBARO FGD -212 Z -Wave plus lamp dimmer works with most types of light sources . The Z-Wave dimmer can be connected to 2 -wire or 3 - wire system ( 1 ) . The dimmer can be the connected source switching and dimming , either through a Z-Wave controller or directly via the connected ( pulse ) wall switch . The dimmer automatically recognizes the connected device has an automatic overload protection , shutdown and soft start function . In the case of an old type of fluorescent light or older types of transformers , only the on / off function , it should then be set up through your  Z-Wave gateway by some parameters.

    You can also use a normal switch ( bistable switch) , only you can not use the dimmer on the switch (only through the app or through your browser ) . A pulse switch does have the ability to switch and dim . 


     Video : install the FIBARO dimmer 2 module without N-wire



     Video : install the FIBARO dimmer 2 module with N-wire 


    Using the FIBARO dimmer 2 as range tester.



    Parameters Setting :

    The FIBARO Dimmer 2 has many advanced configuration options, the most useful of them are listed and described below:

    1. Minimum brightness level
    Available settings: 1 – 98
    Default setting: 1

    2. Maximum brightness level
    Available settings: 2 – 99
    Default setting: 99

    These parameters are set automatically during the calibration process but may be adjusted manually after the calibration.
    The maximum level (parameter 2) must be greater than the minimum level (parameter 1).

    13. Force auto-calibration
    Changing value of this parameter will force the calibration process. During the calibration parameter is set to 1 or 2 and switched to 0 upon completion.
    Available settings:
    0 – readout
    1 – force auto-calibration of the load without FIBARO Bypass
    2 – force auto-calibration of the load with FIBARO Bypass
    Default setting: 

    19. Forced switch on brightness level
    If the parameter is active, switching on the Dimmer (S1 single click) will always set this brightness level.
    Available settings:
    0 – function disabled
    1-99 – percentage level of brightness
    Default setting: 0

    20. Switch type
    Choose between momentary switch, toggle switch and roller blind switch.
    Available settings:
    0 – momentary switch
    1 – toggle switch
    2 – Roller blind switch – two switches operate the Dimmer (S1 to brighten, S2 to dim)
    Default setting: 0

    26. The function of 3-way switch
    Switch no. 2 controls the Dimmer additionally (in 3-way switch mode). Function disabled for parameter 20 set to 2 (roller blind switch).
    Available settings:
    0 – 3-way switch function for S2 disabled
    1 – 3-way switch function for S2 enabled
    Default setting: 0

    29. Switch functionality of S1 and S2
    Available settings:
    0 – standard mode
    1 – S1 operates as S2, S2 operates as S1
    Default setting: 0

    32. On/Off mode
    This mode is necessary while connecting non-dimmable light sources. Setting this parameter to 1 automatically ignores brightening/dimming time settings. Forced auto calibration will set this parameter’s value to 2.
    Available settings:
    0 – on/off mode disabled (dimming is possible)
    1 – on/off mode enabled (dimming is not possible)
    2 – mode selected automatically
    Default setting: 2

    34. Soft-Start functionality
    Time required to warm up the filament of halogen bulb.
    Available settings:
    0 – no soft-start
    1 – short soft-start (0,1s)
    2 – long soft-start (0,5s)
    Default setting: 1


    (1)  2 wire system vs 3 wire system.

    A 2 wire system doesnt need a neutral wire in the patress box, whereas a 3-wire system does need a blue wire (to power the module itself). A z-wave switch normaly needs a 3-wire setup, wereas a z-wave dimmer doenst need a blue wire, and therefore a dimmer is a 2-wire system.

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    Fibaro dimmer 2 module FIB_FGD-212 5902020528524


    Smart Dimmer 2 250W Z-Wave Plus FIBARO Demo

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    From 59.95

    for 42.50

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