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Multi-Room Stereo Amplifier Wireless Am160 Ieast


Multi-Room Stereo Amplifier Wireless Am160 Ieast

SKU: IEA_AM160_StreamAmp

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AM160 Wireless Multi-Room Stereo Amplifier IEast is the perfect solution if you want to stream and amplify your speakers.

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  • EAN 6970504260047
  • Condition New
  • protocol WiFi

Product information

AM160 Wireless Multi-Room Stereo Amplifier


Do you have some passive speakers that you want to control wirelessly? Then is this amplifier the solution you are looking for. The amplifier is controlled by an App trough your WiFi.  Because of the easy setup it is possible to be installed by anyone.


Wireless Amplifier

Powerfull Built-in Amplifier : The IEast AM160 powers passive speakers with 80W per channel.

Classe D Amplifier               : This amplifier is small and light but has a great sound and is energy efficient.

Cooling System                    :  With the aluminum casing, the amplifier is kept cool by the heat sink inside instead of noisy fans, operates silently.



Music Streaming

Different options you can stream from:

  • Memory of your phone
  • USB flash driver with a HDD
  • NAS Home Network
  • Trough an analog audio source input to the streamer who will retranmit die het doorstuurd naar een andere kamer via Multi-Room Control
  • Trough popular music services like Spotify, Quboz, enz. (note, the availability of this services are different for every country)



 Music System Control

It is able to control your music system with your phone or tablet. This will need the application of IEast. Download the iOS version in the app store of the Android version in Google Play.


Multi-Room Control

1. With this option it is possible to set up multiple speakers perfectly synchronously. The speakers do not even have to be in the same room.

2. It is possible to play different songs or radio station for every different rooms.


Other features


1. Free Firmware upgrades

You will be kept up to date with the latest updates. In addition, these upgrades are usually completely free

2. Alarm funtion

Set your favorite song or radio station to wake you up.

3. Preset Content

It is an possibility to set 6 presets for songs, playlists or radio stations. You can control your presets with the remote control. It is not even neccesary to open you App.

4. Sleep Timer

There is also the abbility to set a timer, the streamer will turn off after the decired time.

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AM160 Wireless Multi-Room Stereo Amplifier IEast Grijs Vooraanzicht


Multi-Room Stereo Amplifier Wireless Am160 Ieast

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