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Smart Multisensor6 Z-Wave AEONLABS

Z-wave Plus

Aeon Labs

Smart Multisensor6 Z-Wave AEONLABS


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Aeotech Multisensor 6. Successor of the populair multisensor by AeonLabs. Read below for more information about this multisensor 6.

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  • With Humidity sensor
  • Fits in ceiling
  • Works 2 year on battery
  • Works on battery and USB


  • Comes without batterys


protocolZ-wave Plus
CapabilitiesMulti sensor, Motion, Temperature, Humidity, Shock / Tamper, Lightvalue, Ultra Violet
Power/BatteryUSB, CR123A
Power2xCR123A Batterijen of USB
IP klasseIP20
InstallationskillsSome work
Extra infoMet UV-sensor! De enige multisensor die dit op dit moment heeft.
Compatible with HC2Yes
Compatible with HC LiteYes
Compatible with HomeyLimited
Compatible with Vera Lite/3/EdgeYes
Compatible met ZipaboxYes
Compatible with ZipatileYes
Compatible with DomoticzLimited
Compatible with HomeseerYes
Compatible with BeNextLimited
ToelichtingTot versie 2.0 van de Homey werkt beweging niet optimaal!

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Product information

Soon available in the ROBBshop!

AEONLabs Multisensor 6

De Aeotech Multisensor 6 is a beautifull zwave multisensor by Aeotech. This home automation sensor has the following sensor:

- Motion sensor (Domotica PIR)
- Temperature sensor
- Light sensor
- Humidity sensor
- Tamper sensor
- And a UV sensor! 

Like the FIBARO multisensor this sensor has a tamper function and 128 bit AES protection. This is not just an update from their previous sensors, its a complete new design. Its about 70% smalle than the previous model and weighs only 74 grams.

Recommended Parameter Settings

NOTE: If your Multisensor is battery powered, make sure that you wake up the Multisensor before you poll or send any new configurations to this device or you will get an error message from your software. Follow the steps under the Battery Power section below before sending in the configurations.

USB Powered Multisensor

Parameter 3: 240 (Timeout period of no-motion after motion sensor trigger)

Parameter 4: 1 (Enable PIR Motion Sensor)

Parameter 101: 224 (Sets sensors [Light, Humidity, and Temperature] to be reported in group 1)

Parameter 111: 240 (Sets the interval of reports for group 1)

Battery Power Multisensor

Wake up the Multisensor before sending in configurations

1) Tap the Multisensor button located inside the back panel 3 times repeatedly (Make sure that the red LED remains on)

2) Go to your Z-Wave software and enter the configurations below:

Parameter 3: 240 (Timeout period of no-motion after motion sensor trigger [timeout every 240 seconds after triggering motion])

Parameter 4: 1 (Enable PIR Motion Sensor)

Parameter 101: 225 (Sets sensors [Light, Humidity, Temperature, and Battery] to be reported in group 1)

Parameter 111: 600 (Sets the interval of reports for group 1 [report parameter 101 every 10 minutes or 600 seconds])

3) Put the Multisensor to sleep to conserve battery power, tap the button on the Multisensor 3 times repeatedly. The red LED should turn off to indicate that it is asleep.

Miscellaneous Information

Directly Associate the Multisensor to a Light Switch (Example using a Minimote as a primary controller)

If you are using a Minimote as a primary controller, you can still use the Multisensor to control lights as a PIR motion sensor, but you cannot see any of the other sensors working. Heres how to control a light:

1)      Press the Associate button under the Minimote panel (Button on the bottom left)

2)      Press the button on the Z-Wave Switch that you want the Multisensor to turn on or off with

3)      Press the switch on the Multisensor

4)      Stop association mode on the Minimote (Press any button), and test if the setup is working.



For all technical details clik here.

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    Smart Multisensor6 Z-Wave AEONLABS Met usb adapter

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    Smart Multisensor6 Z-Wave AEONLABS met muurbeugel

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    Smart Multisensor6 Z-Wave AEONLABS met usb adapter en muurbeugel

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  • Compatibility
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    Exceeded my expectations

    Review by mabe / (Posted on 12/05/2019) Works very well with Homey when wired. It exceeded my expectations.
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AeonLabs Multisensor 6

Aeon Labs

Smart Multisensor6 Z-Wave AEONLABS

From 69.95

for 59.95

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