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Multisensor 4in1 AEONLABS EOL

Z-wave Plus

Aeon Labs

Multisensor 4in1 AEONLABS EOL


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The Aeon Labs Multi Sensor is a USB or battery-powered Z-Wave sensor.

  • Motion Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Lighting Sensor

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Fraai vormgegeven multisensor van AeonLabs. Kan ook met USB gevoed worden.


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  • EAN 1220000012684
  • Condition New
  • protocol Z-wave Plus
  • Function(s) Multi sensor, Motion, Temperature, Humidity, Lightvalue
  • Power/Battery AAA battery
  • Power USB AC/DC adapter / 4 x AA batterijen
  • IP klasse IP44
  • Installationskills Some work
  • Extra info voorzien van de zwave plus chip, geschikt voor buitengebruik.

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    Product information

    The Aeon Labs Multi Sensor (AEO_MULTISENS) is a USB or battery-powered Z-Wave motion sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor and lighting sensor in one package. The sensor will send radio signals up to 6 associated Z- Wave devices within its own Z-Wave network when the sensor detects IR changes in front of its viewing window.

    To make this work with the Vera system, please update your software (at your own risk):


    - from your dashboard, please go to "SETUP"->"Firmware"
    - in the box "Advanced: URL for Vera custom firmware:", please copy and paste this link:
    - press "download"; - choose the option "Keep my current settings and configuration" and then click on the "Start Upgrade". - wait up to 15 minutes to finish the upgrade process.



    When configuring the MultiSensor, you should bare in mind the following points:

    Only change parameters settings on the parent device

    This z-wave multisensor acts as the parent device - all configuration changes are made in the parent device.

    Important - Dont make changes to the other icons (humidity,light,temperatur=e) as this will result in an error message for that sensor icon (for MiCasaVerde Vera)


    Wake-up the MultiSensor if Battery Powered

    If the z-wave MultiSensor is being powered from batteries then it will spend most of its time asleep. Like all battery-powered devices it must be awake to accept new configuration settings.

    Parameter Settings

    After being included, the MultiSensor needs a few parameters changing. These suggested parameters can be changed to suit your set up.

    Settings Tab

    • Wakeup Interval (seconds) - 720
    • Poll this node at most once every - 360
    • Important - the Poll Interval MUST be smaller than the Wakeup Interval and non-zero

    Device Options Tab

    Unusually for VERA, all the common parameters are already populated in the 'Device Options' tab.

    • 2 - Wake on battery insert - 1 (default)
    • 3 - Motion Timeout - 240 (default) - length of time before motion sensor changes it's state to No Motion
    • 4 - PIR enabled - 1 (default)
    • 5 - PIR Command - 2 - Basic or Enhanced Z-Wave command sets, use 1 for directly association the MultiSensor to another device
    • 111- 720 (default) - time between temperature reports
    • 112- 720 (default) - time between light level reports
    • 113- 720 (default) - time between humidity reports
    • Note - parameters 111, 112, & 113 are set in VERA to 720 as default, you should not need to be change these, especially if powered by batteries

    USB Powered Settings

    The above settings are designed to conserve battery power, by keeping the MultiSensor asleep for as long as possible and only sending temperature, humidity and light reports every 12 minutes (720 seconds).

    If you're using USB power you can change these settings to increase the report frequency to as often as you like.

    A useful parameter to change when using USB power is 101, which controls the time interval at which updates are sent.

    It's a binary combination number made up of the sum of the values for the individual sensors and battery. Each sensor has its own value:

    • Temperature - 32
    • Humidity - 64
    • Light Level - 128
    • Battery - 1

    When u want all sensors to update their status regurlarly then set parameter 101 to 225 (32 + 64 + 128 + 1).




    Link naar de forumdiscussie

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    Multisensor 4in1 AEONLABS EOL

    Aeon Labs

    Multisensor 4in1 AEONLABS EOL

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