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Smart meter cable integration

How to configure the Vera to work with the Smart Meter Cable

ATTENTION: Some Vera Edge's contain a OpenWRT firmware bug that doesn't register the USB port. To solve this bug please contact support@getvera.com and ask for the newer OpenWRT firmware. The link we received: http://download1204.mios.com/firmware/os_mt7620a/openwrt-ramips-mt7620a-na301-squashfs-sysupgrade-107.bin (use at your own risk)


A lot of people contact us with the question how to configure our Smart Meter Cable. Below you will find the step by step instructions (images based on UI5, but the process is the same)

The first step is to downoad the Plugin files. The newest version can be found here in the forum.

Now in the Vera go to: APPS > DEVELOP APPS > LUUP FILES

Here you can upload the files. Select the 4 files and click on Restart Luup after upload. Now press GO (in UI7 you can just drag and drop)

Upload Luup Files

After uploading the files we need to manually create a new device. Click on Create Device

For the UPnP Name fill in: D_dutchSmartMeter.xml In Description you can give the device the name you want (i.e. Smart meter)

Create Smart Meter

No worries, we are almost there. Now all we need to do is configure the Serial Port


Now match the settings below:

BAUD : 9600
PARITY: even

(For newer meters DSMR 4.0 the values are: 115200, 8, N, 1)

Used by device: Select here your earlier created device (i.e. Smart Meter)

serial port

 After saving it will take a few moments to see all your meters.



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5 Result(s)
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