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What is Smarthome?

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Smarthome | What it is and what it can do

Smarthome is the name for everything in your house or office that has a connection with you network and that can be controlled from your smartphone.

The Smarthome System
The first smarthome systems (up to 7 years ago) were mainly wired systems. The first systems required a lot of modifications and new wiring and therefore they were expensive. The central unit was placed in the cabinet and all ligths and switches had to be connected to this unit. A certified programmer made the scenes that controlls the house. Actions like blinds close after sunset, and lights on when the motion sensor is breached. DIY actions were not really an option. The first smarthome systems were mainly for the lucky few.

Recently wireless smarthome systems entered the arena. These systems can be installed without a complete wiring reconstruction of your house. And also its much cheaper. A real DIY system so to say. Maybe even more important; most systems are now interoperatable, they work together. For example a Z-wave sensor can trigger the Sonos system to play a barking dog mp3 file. The options are limitless

Schematic smarthome system


GatewayOr controller. The heart of your system. The software recieves and sends signals to sensors and lights (verlichting). You can create scenes (every day at 08.00..., when motion then...) It also allows you to controll the devices via a smartphone or tablet.
Represents all devices than can be controlled like light switches and dimmers, but also blind and garage doors, ventilation, etc. 
SensorSensor will sent information to the controllere about motion, humidity, etc. Sensor can be used to start a scene (when humity >90 then turn on lights)

The gateway is via WiFi or via the LAN-cable connected with your local network. Via the webbrowser you gain acces to the interface. In interface you can create scenes, switch on and off devices, etc. 

The gateway has one or more antennas to send and recieve signals on one or more frequenties. There are 2 populair protocols (frequenties); 433Mhz and 868Mhz Z-wave. 
Some controllers have more than one antenna so they can controll both Z-wave and 433Mhz.
This is a simplified represantation of what a smarthome can do. 

Connecting different systems
Maybe you dont realise it but propably you already have some smarthome devices. Think about Sonos or the Nest thermostat.
Every device you can control via an app is a smarthome device.
And it becomes better and better, al these systems are more and more intercompatible so they will all work in one system.

Domotica systemen koppelen via je netwerk


What can you do with all of this?
With a gateway and some sensors / switches you can fly
- All ligths of with the push of one button
- A push notification on your smartphone when the mailman arrives
- Set the temperature to 15 when you set the alarm.

The next step is to select a gateway. More information about gateways is found here.

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