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Wireless Smarthome | Please tell me more

Smart home automation; a word that appears more and more  on TV and in home magazines. Home automation is what people do to make their house more modern by adding smart devices that can be controlled via smartphone and tablet. With smarthome you can create scenes that will do things automaticly for you. Large companies like Google and Apple adhere more and more concerned with the automation domain. The question is, What is it and why should I purchase a (wireless) home automation system?

Smarthome for houses and offices
One of the most common home automation applications is lighting and heating. Think off the Philips HUE lights or Smart-thermostats. The lamps can get through via a small computer (which is connected to the Internet) wireless signals by attaching them to / be able to put out.

Diverse draadloze domotica protocollen

What's the difference between a smarthome and a normal home.
A normal installation is kind of stupid. It can only control the attached lights whereas a smarthome switch could also control other lights and start scenes.Our wireless smarthome solutions can easely be retrofit and they offer nummerous advantages:

The use of  scenes;
Close the blinds after sunset, turn on ligths when door is opened,etc
Combining different systems;
Set the thermostat to away-mode when alarm is activated.
Total controll of your house/office;
Check whether all ligths are off, even from the beach in Florida.

ROBBshop is specialized in (wireless) home automation. We are the point of contact if you are considering the purchase of a home automation system. We help you to make the right choice. We specialize in linking the various home automation systems to one central operating system. This is to avoid that you need 20 apps.

Z-wave, The premium wireless smarthome protocol.
ROBBshop believes in the open-standard called Z-wave protocol. This is a open standaard for wireless communication between a Smarthome controller and  controls and sensors.

Other systems
Most of our products have a Z-wave chip. Sometimes we use different systems. We sell 433Mhz, WiFi and Bluetooth devices. We will always try to make all systems work together. 

Overview of smarthome systems
Most used wireles smart home systems:

Z-wave logoZ-wave

- Open system on 868 Mhz (only in Europa);
- Multiple vendors;
- Secure connection;
- 2-way system;
- Powered modules work as repeater (Mesh);
- More expensive than other systems;
- 1 manufacterer of the Z-wave chip. Perfect compatibility;
- Different frequenties in different parts of the world.

Click here to start your Z-wave adventure.


WiFi domoticaWiFi (LAN)

- Most common protocol for wireless communication between computers;
- Not primarily used for smarhomes;
- Many household appliances uses IP-technology to communicate;
- Easy to integrate via API-commandos.


Apple Home Kit productsApple HomeKit 

- Latest wireless smarthome protocol;
- Based on Bluetooth;
- Only for Apple products;
- Apple TV is your smarthome controller.




433Mhz domotica op basis va Klik-Aan-Klik-UitKlik-Aan-Klik-Uit

- Open system on 433Mhz frequency;
- Multiple vendors;
- No secure connection;
- No feedback (1-way);
- No repeater function;
- Cheaper than Z-wave.


Bluetooth domoticaBluetooth

- Populair protocol, limited signal;


Zigbee domotica, wat is dat preciesZigbee

- Open system op oa 868Mhz;
- Multiple vendors of Zigbee chips (not good forcompatibility);
- Mainly for closed systems like HUE (controller en lamp);
- More information about zigbee;
- Modules work as repeater;
- 2-way.


If you want more information about the different smarthome systems, we welcome you at our demohouse in Empel (Netherlands) or our smarthome schop in Oss.
Follow a smarthome training or take look at our smarthome-projects-page.


Have fun!


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